My Life So Far – 5 – 5 – 5

By Edith Beale the Bouvier

My friend, Digit.This is my friend, Digit. He lives in Pacific Heights and comes to Alta Plaza park every afternoon. Digit likes to run after a little rubber hamburger that people throw for him. I like to see Connie who comes to the park with Digit because she is nice and brings treats.

There are many great dogs who come to Alta Plaza. On the first Sunday of every month people who have Pug dogs bring them to Alta Plaza for a get-together. I think they call it “short snort” day. It’s a little too much, but what the heck, right?

Fresh from the puppy spa.Come on, toss the ball. OK, so I said my companions had another new experience in store for me after my frolic at the beach. I had a day at the spa. These pictures were taken after I was finished.

At this point, I’m almost 6 months old and I weigh about 45 lbs., a little small for my age, but I’m in excellent physical shape. That’s what the veterinarian says. He calls me Eddy, as if my name was Edward. Take my word for it, I’m ill-equipped to be named Edward.

Happy half-birthday to me!This is sort of my official half-year birthday portrait.

Pint-sized pup no more.Remember one of the first pictures showed me in the back of the car after we crossed Death Valley. I was a tiny pup in a big dog crate that filled up most of the back of the car. Now the crate is gone and I fill up most of the back of the in the car. Good riddance to that dog crate!

Come with me on my morning walk as my life continues on the next page.


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