My Life So Far – 7 – 7 – 7

By Edith Beale the Bouvier

My Friend FreddieThis is my friend Freddie.  He walks every morning with his friend, Marta.  Freddie was one of the first dogs I met in San Francisco and we hit it off right away.  Freddie likes to run and wrestle and so do I.  He’s a few months older that I am.  When I first me him, he was much bigger and stronger that I was.  Now we’re about the same height, but he’s a very sturdy dog.  Freddy gets a huge walk every day, from Fifth Avenue out to Land’s End and back.

Sometimes he walks with a dog named Arthur who is very serious.  While Freddy and I roll in the dirt, Arthur just stands there looking bored. If you encounter Arthur, don’t provoke him, his companion is a big-time lawyer!

Indy and LouisThese are two Bouviers I met at Alta Plaza park plus their house mate, Louis, a Schnauzer. The Bouviers are Indy and Bix.  Bix has a trés chic Louis Vuitton collar. They come to the park every day with their companion, Bertha.

CowsWe took another trip up to the Sierra Nevada foothills in June.  It was especially hot one morning when Ol’-what’s-his-name and I went for our walk.  There aren’t many places where dogs can be off the leash up there so we walked along a road
that bordered a pasture.  That’s where I saw these beasts. Ol’-you-know-who called them cows.  He suggested that, absent the fence, I could round ’em up and escort ’em back to the barn.  I don’t know about that, they’re a lot bigger than I am.

The one that was staring at me walked over toward the fence and made a loud noise.  I’m going to have to see more of these things before I make up my mind
about ’em.

My cousins come for a visit and I try to make my getaway as my life continues on the next page.


Please visit Edith’s Web page again to find out what she has been up to, meet her friends, see where she has been walking and places she’s visited. If you have any questions or comments, please send them to Ol’ What’s-his-name. He will probably answer you. He’s got too much time on his hands.

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